The web interface provides the ability to configure settings and monitor the operation of the Zodiac FX. The configuration can be changed through the Config menu items, and monitoring can beperformed in the Display menu items.


The status page shows hardware and firmware information of the Zodiac FX. The factory resetbutton reverts the Zodiac FX to the factory test configuration.

A restart can be performed at any time through the button in the top right.


These pages provide information and statistics about various aspects of the Zodiac FX.


The status of each of the Zodiac FX ports can be viewed on this page. Port statistics can also bemonitored.

Ports can also be assigned to VLANs configured in the Config - VLANs page


This page shows the current OpenFlow status, as well as flow table statistics.


The flows page displays the current flows in the flow table, along with their configurations. Flowscan be manually cleared using the ‘Clear Flows’ button.

Note: Several flows will be displayed per page. Total flow count is listed in the Display - OpenFlow page.


Configured meters can be viewed on this page. Currently, up to 8 meters can be configured, withup to 3 meter bands on each. Up-to-date meter statistics are also shown, allowing meters to bemonitored.


These pages show the current configuration of various features of the Zodiac FX. Many of theseconfigurations can be changed directly from their respective pages.


The Zodiac FX network configuration settings can be changed directly from the web interface. Aftersaving configuration changes, a restart is required for the new settings to take effect.

Warning: improperly changing the network configuration may cause the web interface to becomeinaccessible. Connecting to the Zodiac FX via CLI will allow you to revert the changes.


VLANs can be added or removed as required. By default, two VLANs are configured - one forOpenFlow ports (to connect to the network), and one for the connection to the OpenFlow controller.

Valid VLAN IDs are 1-4096 and VLAN names must be less than 16 characters.

Ports can be assigned to new VLANs in the Display - Ports page.

Warning: incorrectly configuring VLANs may cause the web interface to be unresponsive.Connecting to the Zodiac FX via CLI will allow you to revert the changes.


OpenFlow connection configurations can be modified on this page.

  • OpenFlow functionality can be disabled altogether (turning the Zodiac FX into a simple networkswitch).

  • Controller IP & port can be adjusted to allow communication between the switch and thecontroller.

  • The failstate determines the Zodiac FX behaviour when connection with the OpenFlowcontroller is lost. When set to ‘safe’, existing flows will be processed until they time out. Thedefault configuration is ‘secure’, which blocks all traffic instead.

  • The OpenFlow version can be forced to version 1.0 or version 1.3. The default setting is Auto, which allows the Zodiac FX to determine the version by negotiating with the controller.